Juggling All The Things

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How Do You Juggle All The Things?

Hi y’all! Welcome back to Roots and Arrows Homestead, I’m so glad you’re here. This is going to be the first in a series of posts on the topic of juggling all the things that many of us try to keep up with on a daily basis. This series will cover several topics such as, motherhood, keeping a home, growing your first garden and creating an online business.

Do you ever feel like you are getting questioned about your parenting? Or like your life choices are being judged by those who simply do things differently than you?

Do you ever have days where you just want to put your headphones in and zone out for a bit? Do you ever wonder “why can’t my kids just stop fighting”, or “why is my baby extra clingy today”, or “why is my toddler being unusually defiant today” or, “why does all this have to happen on the same day!?”

Yes, I see you. I have been there and I will probably be there again. Let me tell you something:

If you, like me, are a Mama (Momma) that worries and wonders, then I hope this post will help you in some way. Even if it just helps you feel a little less alone. To all the Mama’s out there, you are doing great! Just keep your eyes on the One who has it all in His hands. Remember, God chose you to be the Mama to those little hearts in your home. He chose them to be under your care, guidance, and protection. Lean on Him, and He will be your strength.

For those of you who homeschool or who want to homeschool some day, stay tuned for a post all about that, coming soon!

In future posts-

I will be discussing all the many hats I wear and sharing some tips with you that will hopefully help you stand firm in the choices you’ve made for yourself and your family. So stay tuned for that, it’s coming soon!

People often ask me,

“How do you do it?”. Or they may tell me point blank “You can’t do it all.” Or “You sure have your hands full” with raised eyebrows. I often have people tell me that I have too much on my plate, that I should let something go, etc. I can’t tell you how many times my mother-in-law has scoffed, rolled her eyes, and flat out lectured me on why we don’t need to even think about having more children. Not that we are, I believe we are over-the-moon happy with our four babes. This most recent reaction came from a conversation about a dream my husband had a few weeks ago, a dream in which I was pregnant. When we told his mom about it, that’s what brought about her reaction.

Let me just say,

I have four children under five years old, no it is not “easy”. But, at the end of the day, it is always worth it. Some people out there have two little ones, or others may have seven under eight, or ten kids ranging from newborn to teens. Everyone’s walk in life is different. Who are we to judge them?

So, those are some of the reactions I get when I explain what exactly “I do” every day. The thing that some people don’t understand is that everything I do centers around who I am as a person. To sum it all up for you,

I could probably continue, but I’ll stop here for now, and I will elaborate more on each of these topics in a future post. You guessed it, coming soon! So, stay tuned for that!

I am_____ how would you finish that sentence?

Are you a wife, a mother, a student, an entrepreneur? Are you all of the above like I am?

Let me tell you something, you can do it. It will be hard, you have to put in the work, but you can do it.

Which leads me to my:

  • First, set yourself up for a great morning by prepping the night before.
    • I like to set the first of my alarms for 15 minutes BEFORE I actually need to get up. Then 10 mins before, then 5 mins before. This gives me a minute to actually wake up and keeps me from drifting back to sleep. Another hack that has worked for me has been sitting my phone across the room, so I have to get up out of bed to turn it off, which usually leads to me needing the bathroom, boom, I’m awake.
  • Second, wash your face with a warm cloth.
    • Clock work, like brushing your teeth. Seriously, every morning. Doing this will wake you up and get you out of any foggy space your head might be in. Wash your face.
  • Third, make plans and stick to them.
    • This includes a daily or weekly plan. What do you plan to do right after you wake up? Making a short to-do list the night before helps me here.
    • Meal plan, what will you and the kids eat for breakfasts or lunches. Can you make a big dinner that will carry over to lunch the next day?
    • Plan out when you will be studying or reading.
    • What home-school tasks do you need to get done? Is there a “best” time of day for this? Ours is generally first thing after breakfast.
    • Be sure to schedule out blocks of time for any activities for kids or any meetings for you.
    • Organization is literally the key.
  • Fourth, don’t listen to the nay-sayers.
    • You know what God has put on your heart, and only you know the desires that burns within you. There are so many people in your corner, and if you ever feel like there isn’t, this is where your community comes in.
    • Build yourself a community of like-minded friends, either online or in real life, or both! People who don’t understand your convictions will make you feel like there is something wrong with them!
  • Fifth, give yourself grace.
    • Remember, you are one person who wears many hats. That doesn’t mean you need to stress yourself out by trying to be “5” different people. Sometimes, plans don’t pan out… you will survive. I think we, as mothers especially, tend to beat ourselves up more than anyone else does. I’ve heard this before and I think it applies here.

So, to recap –

As always,

Thank you so much for being here. Your support means the world to me. Like I’ve said a few times now, this is a series. Many of the topics I’ve mentioned I have written extensively on and they simply wouldn’t all fit in one post. So, I decided to make it into a series.

Coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Bless y’all,


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